As of November 25, 2018,
Wisconsin Historical Markers
has posted links to
Wisconsin historical markers and sites,
museums, lighthouses, and
veterans memorials,
along with nearly 70,000 photographs,
and is proud to have
the most comprehensive survey of its kind
anywhere online.

How much time is involved?
Once a marker is identified, located, visited, and photographed,
it takes on average another 1-2 hours to get the post online.
From June 2012 through January 2016,
I invested on average 40-60 hours per week
researching, visiting, photographing, and posting
Wisconsin's historical markers and sites.
I hope you enjoy your visit to Wisconsin Historical Markers!

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Watch now: Wisconsin Life | Historical Visitor | WPT Video
Thank you!!! to Producer Joe Astrouski for his interest in my project, and
for an enjoyable day of travel with me and Dexter to create this Wisconsin Life episode
which aired December 31, 2015.
UPDATE March 2018:
I've lost 110 pounds since this video was made. Woo hoo!!

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The content of this website is copyrighted.
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Anonymous said...

This is an awesome blog. Thank you for doing this. Are you a journalist?

Melinda said...

Thank you so much! No, not a journalist since high school, but a writer with a literature/writing/teaching background. I'm glad you're enjoying the blog!

Gail A. Blohowiak - Author said...

Wonderful! Marvelous! Fantastic!

Wisconsin Historical Markers said...

Thank you, Gail!!

"Bob" said...

What a wonderful story you're sharing with the world!

Melinda said...

Thank you, Bob!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, been to some of these. Daughter left MI and went to college in northern WI then married and moved to GB. Thanks for the journey. Friend of Bob's from MI Randy

Melinda said...

Glad you could stop by for a visit. Randy! I hope to get to see some of Michigan's beauty one day :)

the d zone said...

Was their a primary website you used to plan your route? I am from Michigan and we have a good website, michmarkers.com --- when I go to the UP for some I want to see if there are any near the border. I haven't dived into your blog just yet, so idk! But just curious if this is where I'll need to be to search for them or something else.

Melinda said...

Thanks, Jeff, for visiting, and for your comments. I did all my own research and planning using a variety of sources. I basically organized my marker trips by county, and that's also how this website is organized (see “Markers by County” tab at the top). Each marker / site is also identified with appropriate labels (see cloud below). I do plan to upload my routes eventually (which took hours and hours of planning from scratch). I'm familiar with michmarkers.com. I pretty much have the same information on my website. However, it is my understanding the Michigan site has only State historical markers. In addition to the Wisconsin State Historical Society markers, my website includes markers placed by national and local historical societies and groups, as well as Wisconsin veterans memorials / monuments. If you have any questions about a particular area of Wisconsin, feel free to contact me through the contact form, and I'll be glad to help out. Enjoy your trips to Wisconsin!

Anonymous said...

Melinda, so cool to read about your travels and why you did this. So many beautiful things to see in this great State of ours. Very glad to know that you are cancer free as well. Thank you for sharing your journey with us! All the best in the future.

Unknown said...

Just found your site & story through the J/S article - this is so interesting! I've tagged it for teachers, too - what a fun opportunity for students to see all of this information. Thanks for sharing!

Wisconsin Historical Markers said...

Thank you, Kristen, for your compliments and support! You've made my day!

Wisconsin Historical Markers said...
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Unknown said...

Melinda, I'm so excited to have found your blog and look forward to reading everything. I will be planning some day trips using your info. I love Wisconsin history and am happy to see I'm not alone.

Wisconsin Historical Markers said...

Thank you, Sue, for stopping by and for your comments. I'm glad you're enjoying my website! Enjoy your travels in wonderful Wisconsin :)

Unknown said...

Happy and Healthy New Year Melinda!
We loved your segment on Wisconsin Life. My wife is a native Wisconsin girl and I'm a transplant from Minnesota since the 80's. This State and it's history are fascinating and you are an encouragement to all who share it's passion, like me! God Bless You!!

rapnzl rn said...

Bless you, Melinda! My father was a Norwegian Wisconsin native, and also wrote a bit about Wisconsin history (two of a few parallels of our lives). Seeing what you have done inspires me! Amazing!

David Jensen said...

What a wonderful project. Thank you very much for doing this.

The Wisconsin Historical Society should give you a lifetime membership for this work.

michaelmiano said...

Thank you for taking the time to talk to us and share your Blog s we met yesterday in the store. We are off this morning to Door County to find some of those cherries you described.
Michael & Mary, Virginia

Wisconsin Historical Markers said...

So glad to hear from you Michael & Mary! I wish the weather was better for your journey, but Door County is still beautiful. Have a wonderful day, and enjoy those cherries!

Lori Ellen Designs said...

This was brought to my attention by a family member who read about you in a current Door County publication. I am living in an 1884 schoolhouse outside of unincorporated Dayton, WI (South of Belleville). Please let me know when you are coming to Green County. I would love to tell you what I know of the story of my gem. God Bless you for sharing with so many the wonders of our beautiful state! loriwisneski@ymail.com

Panharith said...

Thank you for sharing your journey with us! All the best in the future.


Unknown said...

Thank you so much for your blog...Lots to read.

In Wautoma there is a marker that talks about John and Thomas McKeague. I'm a descendant of Thomas. Would you happen to have any more information about either of them? I would really appreciate it.


Wisconsin Historical Markers said...

Hi Tracy! Please contact me through the "E-mail me" link on the top left. I don't know about the marker you've referred to . . .

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