The Coffee Pot

© Photographed June 2, 2018
Washington Island, Door County, Wisconsin
45°20'22.7"N 86°56'23.1"W
45.339648, -86.939759
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The Coffee Pot
The Coffee Pot is a symbol of Washington Island hospitality and ingenuity. The concept was developed by Martha Stelter and Mary Richter for the Washington Island Girl Scout Troop. The Scouts used the Coffee Pot to raise money to pay for the mortgage on their cabin. 
Built in 1914 by Thorvald Johnson and Ervin Gunniaugson, the foundation of the Coffee Pot is a steel chassis fitted with wheels so it could be moved as needed for fund raising and special events. The shape was formed from heavy galvanized steel and included a door for staff to enter and two functioning windows to greet the public. The Coffee Pot was first located at the corner of Main and Detroit Harbor Roads where it was used to sell treats.
The artwork, which is called rosemalling, is a Norwegian folk art form. The term Velkommen means "Welcome" in Norwegian. The original artwork included the phrase, "Kaffetaren den basta av ar alla jordiska drikka" which means "Coffee is the best of all worldly drinks". While the Coffee Pot has been repainted over the years, both the rosemalling and "Velkommen" have been continually used to celebrate the heritage of those early pioneers who came to Washington Island from Norway.
In later years and prior to the construction of the current Washington Island "Welcome Center" in 1996, The Coffee Pot was used as a tourist information booth where staff welcomed visitors, distributed Island information and yes, they also dispensed free coffee to our Island guests.
Finally in 2005, The Coffee Pot was brought to its present resting spot and was lovingly restored by the generosity of labor and funds from the residents of Washington Island. Here the Coffee Pot continues the Island's tradition of welcoming all who visit and to also greet Island residents returning home from their travels.
Welcome to Washington Island - Welcome to our Home!

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The Coffee Pot is located on Washington Island, near Detroit Harbor Washington Island Ferry Dock, and is accessible from Lobdell Point Road, just north of its intersection with Green Bay Road, Washington Island, Wisconsin 54246.

The Coffee Pot is located on Washington Island, Wisconsin.

Washington Island is a Little Wisconsin Community.

Little Wisconsin will be available May 7, 2019.

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