Kaap Memorial Carillon

© Photographed November 23, 2017
Erected 2017 in memory of Eldred Pringle
Green Bay, Brown County, Wisconsin
44.503598, -88.016465

The 47 bell concert carillon (four octaves) is a gift of Mr. and Mrs. Otto Kaap in memory of their parents and Mr. Kaap's grandmother. The carillon was dedicated on December 22, 1957.
A carillon has been defined as an instrument of at least 23 cup-shaped bells, arranged in chromatic series, so tuned as to produce, when many bells are sounded together, concordant harmony.
 With 47 bronze bells it ranks among the top half of all American carillons in size. the largest bell, [sic] (bourdon) middle C, weighs 5,280 lbs. The smallest is 20 lbs. Total weight is 13 tons.
The instrument is played from a keyboard of wooden levers for control of expression thru variation of touch. Each bell-note [sic] produces 5 tones. The particular quality and charm of bell music is due to the presence of overtones. The full beauty of the overtones of the bells may be heard best in the center of St. James Park, which is located across the street from the church.
In memory of Eldred Pringle
The marker is located at First Evangelical Lutheran Church and is accessible from northbound South Monroe Street, at its intersection with Lawe Street, at or near 743 South Monroe Avenue, Green Bay, Wisconsin 54301

First Evangelical Lutheran Church: Carillon

Fabulous photo of the Carillon bells as they arrived from Holland at the church in 1957

Green Bay Press-Gazette (August 7, 2014): First Evangelical Lutheran church bells to get tune-up

Fun Facts about the carillon:
  • A carillon is considered a musical instrument; it consists of bells and motors.
  • The 47 bells have a four-octave range.
  • There are three others in Wisconsin; this is one of 165 in the nation.
  • The carillon still uses 1950s technology to operate.
  • Necessary repairs began in 2014; the repairs cost $46,000 and will take 5-10 years to complete.

The marker is at the base of the carillon tower.

The marker is adjacent to the church entrance.

The left panel (on the left) and the right panel (on the right)

The marker is located at First Evangelical Lutheran Church.

The marker is located in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

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