Island Overlook | Sven's Bluff

© Photographed October 19, 2017
Fish Creek, Door County, Wisconsin
45°09'15.1"N 87°14'19.8"W
45.154199, -87.238824
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Island Overlook
Sven's Bluff
What if the 1909 Wisconsin Legislature had not identified this land as most worthy of preservation? This spectacular view, like others in Peninsula State Park, would be accessible to just a few. Instead, you can look northwest and see the chain of Strawberry Island skip across Green Bay waters. You can set eyes on Chambers Island and imagine the passing of dug-out canoes and, later, steamships. You can see the sister cities of Marinette, Wisconsin, and Menominee, Michigan, fourteen miles across Green Bay.
Since the late 1990s, ravens sometimes nest in a rocky crevice along Sven's Bluff. The next site marks their historic return to Peninsula's Niagara Escarpment. Ravens are the world's largest songbird, fabled by the First Nations of Western Canada to have created the world. Celtic cultures consider the bird a messenger between the living and the dead.
From 1915 to the early 195s, a fire watchtower loomed on this bluff. People called it Sven's Tower, after retired sailor Sven Anondsen who lived just across Skyline Road.
The marker is located at Sven's Bluff Lookout on Skyline Road, between Hemlock Road (to the east) and Shore Road (to the west), at Peninsula State Park, Fish Creek, Wisconsin.

NOTE: This is a fee area; a Wisconsin State Park System sticker or daily use fee is required.

Use the "Peninsula State Park" label below to view all markers inside the park; there are several.

Signage on Skyline Road leading to the marker location.

The marker is located inside Peninsula State Park.
The marker is located in Fish Creek, Wisconsin.

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