Aerial Pursuits | Peninsula's Ski Jump

© Photographed October 19, 2017
Fish Creek, Door County, Wisconsin

Aerial Pursuits
Peninsula's Ski Jump
The year is 1938 and you've just climbed to the top of Peninsula's ski jump. Your skis are fashioned of maple and your bindings made with straps from an old horse harness and the inner tubes of a tire. You lean forward and gravity takes over at 50 mph on the 100-foot take-off run. Whoosh!

During the late 1930s, Peninsula winter sports events attracted hundreds of people. Then came World War II. Contestants were fighting for freedom overseas. Gas rationing limited the ability of those on the home front to attend sporting events. The ski jump fell into disrepair and was dismantled.

Directly ahead, rolling water surrounds Horseshoe Island. To the northeast, a terraced shoreline rises upwards snaking past the villages of Ephraim, Sister Bay, and Ellison Bay. On a clear day, you might even see Washington Island. The shoreline is the outer edge of bedrock formed 420 million years ago.

Peninsula's expansive forest lies below. Maple and beech trees, interspersed with towering white pines, change from greed to gold as summer falls into autumn. Much of this forest grew back after logging and farming.

Remains of stone steps lead down the hill. A toboggan run dips to the right. Maple and ash trees march across both as forest reclaims the land.
The marker is located along Skyline Road at Peninsula State Park, Fish Creek, Wisconsin 54212.

Unfortunately, I have forgotten the exact location of this marker, but believe it is along Skyline Road on the west side of the park. The post will be updated once the location is ascertained.

NOTE: There is a fee to enter Peninsula State Park; visitors must either pay for a day pass, or possess an annual pass.

The marker is located at Peninsula State Park in
Fish Creek, Wisconsin.

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