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© Photographed September 29, 2017
Waubeka, Ozaukee County, Wisconsin
43° 28.818′ N, 87° 58.833′ W
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In 1947 a project was begun to restore this building and the surrounding grounds as the National Flag Fay memorial dedicated to the American flag by Fraternal Benefit Societies of Wisconsin. It was at this school in 1885, [sic] Bernard J. Cigrand [sic] as a young teacher [sic] conceived the idea to encourage our citizens to observe the birthday of our nation's flag each year.
Flag Day, June 14, began here.
These fraternalists formed the National Fraternal Flag Day Foundation and it was then chartered by the State of Wisconsin as a corporation.
Over the years more faternalists from across the nation joined the effort. On June 14, 1967, their Bicentennial commemorative project was a dedication and Flag Day observance of national prominence. On that day the ninety-eight [sic] member societies of the National Fraternal Congress of America gave these gifts to the Flag Day shrine the avenue of flags pathway, extensive landscaping and fencing; fifty flag poles, one named for each state of the union; a state flag, brought here by a representative from each state [sic] and a portfolio from each state that was buried in a time capsule on these grounds.

On June 14, 1977 [sic]
to mark the 200th birthday of our nation's flag, the National Fraternal Flag Day Foundation deeded this building and these grounds to the Ozaukee County Historical Society to be used by their community and the nation's citizens as a shrine to National Flag Day.
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The marker is located on the grounds of the Birthplace of Flag Day | Stony Hill School, and is accessible from southbound County Highway I, just south of its intersection with Fredonia-Kohler Road, Fredonia, Wisconsin 53021.

The marker is small, and easy to miss . . .

With Stony Hill School to the right.

 The marker is to the left of the east entrance to the school.

Marker 111: Birthplace of Flag Day, is also at this location.

The location is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

 The marker is located at the Birthplace of Flag Day |
Stony Hill School.

The entire Birthplace of Flag Day location.

The marker is located in Waubeka, Wisconsin.

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