Hickory Corners Filling Station / Halfway to the North Pole

 © Photographed August 12, 2017
Hickory Corners, Oconto County, Wisconsin
45.004635, -88.254086

The Hickory Corners Filling Station is located on the northwest corner of the intersection of White Lake Road and County Highway G / M / GM, Hickory Corners, Wisconsin 54174.
The Hickory Corners Filling Station was built in the 1920s by Fred Longard. The office was used as a store with groceries, hardware and other supplies. The station closed in the mid-1930s when Longard moved to a larger one across the street. The smaller station was used as a summer cottage after that. Robert Broetzman bought the building in 1980 and began decorating it with gas station items.  
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The Hickory Corners Filling Station is located
in Hickory (aka Hickory Corners), Wisconsin.

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