Catharina and Joseph Kramer / Peshtigo Fire Survivors

© Photographed August 25, 2017
Lena, Oconto County, Wisconsin
44.950721, -88.011543

Catharina Kraemer
Wife of J Kraemer
Jun 24 1830
May 18 1889
Peshtigo Fire Survivor

Josph Kramer
Aug 25 1828
Nov 25 1913
Peshtigo Fire Survivor

Catharina and Josph Kraemer / Kramer are buried at St. Charles Cemetery, accessible from westbound County Highway A, between Shallow Road (to the east) and Tower Drive Road (to the west), Lena, Wisconsin 54139.

Wisconsin Historical Society Press: The Great Peshtigo Fire: An Eyewitness Account (2nd. ed.) The story is written by Reverand Peter Pernin, who was in Peshtigo the night of the fire and survived. I purchased the 1st edition. Read about 1/4 of the text and had to stop reading; the book is so well written, so detailed, I started having nightmares . . .

See also, Peshtigo Fire Museum, a related nearby location.

Catharina Kraemer on the left, Joseph on the right.

Josph is also a Civil War Veteran (see close up below)

 Josph Kramer was a Civil War Veteran.

St. Charles Cemetery is located in Lena, Wisconsin.

The markers are located in Lena, Wisconsin.

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