Vietnam Veterans Commemorative Trail: 1964

© Photographed June 4, 2017
Sponsored by Lane-Krieling Post / Unit 122 and
Phillips American Legion
Ogema, Price County, Wisconsin
45.446570, -90.199842 (entrance to the park)
45.450402, -90.192382 (marker's location inside park)
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Jan 24
A joint U.S.
special operations unit
established unconventional
warfare operations

May 22
Air America established
rescue operations

Aug. 7
Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
approved in Congress

Nov. 1
Bien Hoa Air Base attacked
disrupting air operation

Dec. 31
23,300 troops
Sponsored by: Lane-Krieling Post / Unit 122
Phillips Am. Legion
For God and Country -- we salute you

The memorial is located adjacent to a parking lot at the trail head to access Timm's Hill Lookout Tower, and is accessible from the County Road RR entrance to Timm's Hill Park, located on westbound County Road RR between County Road C (to the west) and Wisconsin Highway 86 (to the east), at or near W3206 County Road RR, Ogema, Wisconsin 54459.

NOTE: Once you enter the park from County Road RR, follow the one-way, steep, winding road until you reach the parking lot. The memorial will be on your right, at a small picnic area beneath towering trees.

Joint Resolution of Congress, PL 88-408
Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
This media file is in the public domain;

President Lyndon B. Johnson signs "Gulf of Tonkin" resolution
August 10, 1964
This media file is in the public domain;
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The memorial is easy to miss beneath the massive trees.

At the entrance to Timm's Hill County Park.

Follow the signs to the park (easy to find):

Signage on Wisconsin Highway 86.

The memorial is located in Ogena, Wisconsin.

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