Water is a Big Story in Pheasant Branch Conservancy. | Many animals visit or live all yar in the Pheasant Branch Conservancy.

© Photographed May 4, 2018
Middleton, Dane County, Wisconsin
43°06'51.9"N 89°29'28.9"W
43.114420, -89.491365
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Water is a Big Story in Pheasant Branch Conservancy.
Thick, heavy glaciers covered this part of Wisconsin during the last Ice Age.
As the glaciers began to melt about 13,000 years ago, they stripped soil cover from the surrounding rocky hilltops, filled valleys with glacial debris and outwash, creating many new streams, rivers, ponds and lakes.
Weathering and erosion gradually formed the smooth broad valley we see in Pheasant Branch Conservancy today.
The Pheasant Branch watershed drains
24 square miles of land in and around Middleton.
The plume on this Pheasant Branch Watershed map shows the charge area where water for the springs is absorbed into the ground. The local (red) recharge areas in the Town of Springfield supply more water than the more distant (blue) areas.
Pleasant Bring springs are a valuable source of water.
The springs provide 2.6 million gallons of clean, cool water to the marsh and Lake Mendota every day!
Pleasant Branch springs look like they will flow forever. Many large springs in the Madison area were lost because of recent development. Their recharge areas were covered by buildings, roads and parking lots, and municipal wells captured their groundwater. Planners now recognize the need to control how land is developed and where wells are placed in order to preserve spring flows.
Loss of spring flows would adversely affect many wondrous plants and animals in the marsh and lake.
Water is carried through layers of sediment
and bedrock to the springs.
Some layers contribute more water than others. The springs, marsh and lake are one continuous system. All are affected by local and regional activities but to different degrees, depending on the location and activity.
Look for these native plants, which commonly grow near springs and seeps in the Conservancy.
The kiosk is located at the entrance to Pheasant Branch Conservancy, accessible from northbound Pheasant Branch Road, north of its T-intersection with Gaylord Nelson Road,  at or near 4864 Pheasant Branch Road, Middleton, Wisconsin 53562.

Friends of Pheasant Branch Conservancy

Glacial Lake Yahara slowly receded t form the Yahara Chain of Lakes.
A much smaller glacial lake had become a marsh with peat bogs on
the west side of modern-day Middleton by the time East Coast and
European settlers arrived here in the 1800s.

Beautiful scenery!

The kiosk is located at Pheasant Branch Conservancy
in Middleton, Wisconsin.

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