The Fox River Maiden

© Photographed May 5, 2017
Menasha, Winnebago County, Wisconsin
44°11'55.7"N 88°27'10.9"W
44.198804, -88.453018
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The Fox River Maiden
The Fox River Maiden is often referred to as one of the leading figures in the Fox Valley's history. For the Ho-Chunk the winter of 1824 was burdensome. The Maiden worked closely with Ho-Chunk leader Hopokoekau (translated as "Glory of the Morning") to lead the Winnebago tribe out of the Fox River Valley for the remainder of the year. With her knowledge of the surrounding area she was able to guide the tribe to safety in what is not Hilbert, WI. Ho-Chunk tribal art depicts the Maiden topless with flowing hair and a fish-like tail. Whether she was actually a mermaid or simply a fantastic swimmer  remains unclear, but this American hero will forever be remembered at the Fox Valley's Lifesaver. 
[The names "Ho-Chunk" and "Winnebago" are used interchangeably for the same tribe.]
The marker is located at a small community park / water fountain accessible from northbound Tayco Street / Wisconsin Highway 114, just north of its intersection with Water Street, Menasha, Wisconsin 54952.

The small, easy-to-miss plaque is on the left of the round bench.

Looks like there's normally water running in the fountain . . .

View of the fountain from across the road.

The marker is just north of the Bridge Tower Museum,
in Menasha, Wisconsin.

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