Horicon National Wildlife Refuge | Highway 49 Viewing Area

© Photographed May 27, 2017
LeRoy, Dodge County, Wisconsin
43°37'42.1"N 88°36'45.5"W
43.628350, -88.612628
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Welcome to
Horicon National Wildlife Refuge
Highway 49 Wildlife Viewing Area

[scroll down to read the content of the
several interpretative signs]

The Horicon National Wildlife Refuge kiosk is located at the Highway 49 Viewing Area accessible from southbound Wisconsin Highway 49, about a half-mile north of its intersection with County Highway Z, LeRoy, Wisconsin 53963.

Wildlife to Watch For . . .
American Goldfinch
Northern Harrier
Red Fox
Eastern Meadowlark
Blue-winged Teal

At a lovely location -- there is a picnic table behind the kiosk.

This Killdeer must have had a nest nearby
the way she was behaving towards me . . .

The Highway 49 entrance to the viewing area.

The marker is located at the Horicon National Wildlife
Refuge Viewing Area 

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