American Legion Post 166 Veterans Memorial: The "Cannon"

© Photographed May 7, 2017
Dedicated Memorial Day, May 30, 2011,
by Paul Frank Florine American Legion Post 166
Fort Atkinson, Jefferson County, Wisconsin
42.927710, -88.835014
The "Cannon"
Fort Atkinson's American Legion Post was formed by returning veterans of World War l. They had meetings beginning in 1919. In 1919 a 119.38 mm Howitzer from Rock Island Arsenal arrived in Fort Atkinson by rail. It was given by the government as a "historical relic". It was placed on the lawn of the city library where the Legion Post was holding its meetings. They adopted the Howitzer and referred to it as the "Cannon." The Legion received their charter in February of 1921. 
The "Cannon" was discovered missing by Legion members on November 4, 1924. A Committee of Legionaires was sent to City Hall to inquire. It was found that due to the growing number of war pacifists, Mayor E. H. Miles ordered it moved to the "Gun Club" at the City Park (now Jones Park) so as not to incite any citizens. 
In June 1936 the Legion property in front of you was purchased for $1,500.00. With the city in agreement, the cannon was brought to this Legion property in November of 1937. World War II brought scrap metal drives to support the war effort. The Legion Cannon and a Civil War Cannon from Jones Park were given to aid the war scrap metal drive during October 1942. 
During March of 1948, the US War Department offered a 105 mm Howitzer to the Post. It arrived  via railroad as a "war" trophy from the US Arsenal at Ogden, Utah, on May 7, 1948. The new Howitzer, just as the one before it, was then and still is respectfully referred to as the "Cannon." It was used by the Japanese during WWII and was usually drawn by Horses. It has been at this site to this day.
Paul Frank Florine American Legion Post 166
Richard Miles, Post Adjutant
Dedicated Memorial Day May 30, 2011
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The memorial is located at American Legion Post #166 at 201 South Water Street East, Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin 53538.

The "Cannon" is visible at the far left,

The memorial is located in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin.

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