Flamin' Mamie

© Photographed December 3, 2016, with permission of
EAA Air Venture Museum
Oshkosh, Winnebago County, Wisconsin
43.984169, -88.577507
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Flamin' Mamie
Named after a 1925 song of the same name, Flamin' Mamie is one of many nose art paintings inspired by popular music. Like many blues songs, the lyrics tell of a devastatingly beautiful woman whose good looks are the source of trouble for the men she meets. Capitalizing on the theme of dangerous power implied in the song, the unknown artist might have wished the same destructive power for the aircraft.
Sign of the Times
Gorden Schafer, Flamin' Mamie's co-pilot, missed one of the crew's missions after he developed a severe inner ear infection. The Flight Surgeon suggested he get surgery, bringing an end to his flying career. Instead, Schafer was the first in his squadron to try the new drug penicillin, which quickly cured the infection. Developed during WWII, penicillin allowed Army physicians to control many  infections without side effects. In 1942, Army physicians began using the drug extensively in the field.
Serial #44-50529
European Theatre
8th Air Force
453rd Bomb Group / 732rd Bomb Squadron
491st Bomb Group / 852nd Bomb Squadron
Pilot: Ralph Peterson
Co-pilot: Gordon Schafer
Navigator: Charles Knudson
Crew: Richard Tukey, Leone Jenson, Edgar Dellow, James White, Robert Saunders, Joseph Newberry, Stephen Gosberry
Flamin' Mamie is part of the Commemorative Air Force WWII Nose Art Collection, on display November 2015 through December 2017, at the EAA Air Venture Museum located at

More than 30 pieces of nose art from actual World War II combat aircraft made their first-ever trip outside their home museum, with the EAA AirVenture Museum in Oshkosh chosen as the first public display location for this rare collection.

The collection from the Commemorative Air Force (CAF) headquarters in Dallas, Texas, made its debut in November 2015 after a month of preparation in the EAA museum’s Eagle Hangar, which honors the people and aircraft of World War II. The artifacts have been designated by the National Trust for Historical Preservation as an official project of Save America’s Treasures, which seeks to preserve historic structures, art, and published works throughout the nation. It will be on display at EAA throughout 2017.
Commemorative Air Force Headquarters

Click here for more information about the collection and to view all nose art photographed.

This 1938 version is much less provocative than the 1925 original . . .

A few crew members squat before Flamin' Mamie.

Movie actress Rita Hayworth may have been
the inspiration for Flamin' Mamie's artist.

Flamin' Mamie is part of the Commemorative Air Force
WWII Nose Art Collection, on display during 2016

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