Jacques Vieau

 © Photographed November 1, 2016
Erected September 2016 by Mishicot Historical Society
Green Bay, Brown County, Wisconsin
44.483904, -88.029820 (entrance to the cemetery)
44.481964, -88.028137 (location inside the cemetery)

1757 - 1852
Located near this marker are the unmarked graves of Jacques Vieau and his wife Angelique. As an early French fur trader with the Native Americans all along the west coast of Lake Michigan, the voyageur Vieau played an important role in opening the Wisconsin territory toward statehood. He was the first permanent white settler in the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
The marker is located in section FF of Allouez Catholic Cemetery, and is accessible from northbound Riverside Drive / Wisconsin Highway 57, north of its intersection with West Allouez Avenue, at or near 2121 Riverside Drive, Green Bay, Wisconsin 54301.
The family name was originally De Veau; but as that meant calf or veal, other children would annoy my anscestors in their youth, by bleating in their presence; so the name was changed to Vieau in self-defense.
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See also, Jacques Vieau / First House in Milwaukee, a related marker located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

See also, WRL-57: Jacques Vieau Trading Post, and Jambo Creek Bicentennial, at the same location in Mishicot (Manitowoc County), Wisconsin.

 The marker is in the "FF" section of the cemetery
(note "FF" marker on tree).

 The marker is adjacent to the southern-most cemetery road,
adjacent to West Allouez Avenue (visible to the far left).

 Jacques Vieau obituary written by Solomon Juneau
The Weekly Wisconsin, November 2, 1889, page 7

 Nearby view of Lambeau Field . . .

Fall colors at Allouez Cemetery! Gorgeous!!!

in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

in nearby Mishicot (Manitowoc County), Wisconsin.

The Jacques Vieau marker is located in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

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