Chatty Belle / World's Largest Talking Cow

 © Photographed November 5, 2016
Erected 1967 by Grassland Dairy
and Central Wisconsin Broadcasting
Neillsville, Clark County, Wisconsin
44.552874, -90.578581

Chatty Bell is located at WCCN AM/FM on westbound East Division Street / U.S. Route 10, west of its intersection with Industrial Park Drive, at or near 1201 East Division Street, Neillsville, Wisconsin 54456.

Chatty Belle Stats:
  • "Born" in 1967
  • At 16 feet high and 20 feet long, Chatty Belle is 7 times larger than the average cow. 
  • Chatty Belle received her name as part of the "Giant Talking Cow Contest" sponsored by WCCN FM and WCCN AM in Neillsville, Wisconsin. The contest took place in 1967. 
  • Over 3,000 entries were submitted with names for the cow.
  • First grader Jody Hartl of Loyal, Wisconsin, won the contest. In addition to naming the giant Holstein, she also took home "one hundred pounds of Grassland butter".
  • Chatty Belle is so famous she has her own Twitter account and Facebook page.
  • If Chatty Belle were a real cow it is estimated should would produce 83,000 pound of milk annually -- that's 270 pounds per day!!

Chatty Belle is included in Wisconsin's Whimsical Roadside Attractions.

 Dexter enjoys his visit with Chatty Belle . . .

 Chatty Belle is next to WCCN's Wisconsin Pavilion
of 1964 New York World's Fair.

Chatty Belle is located in Neillsville, Wisconsin.

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