The Miller Valley Veterans Memorial

© Photographed October 8, 2016
Erected 2010 by MillerCoors Veterans Group
Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin
43.042261, -87.968296
43°02'32.1"N 87°58'05.9"W
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The Miller Valley Veterans memorial was dedicated on Veterans Day, 2010 by members of the MillerCoors Veterans Group to the employees of the Milwaukee Brewery that have been called to active service and made the ultimate sacrifice.
This location was selected so that it would remind our employees traveling to and from our campus, the passer by on State Street, and the nearly 120,000 tourists a year of the sacrifices that others have made and are making so that we can do what we do.

Working from the bottom up, the pavers leading up to the memorial represent the steps our men and women in uniform have taken across battle fields all over the world preserving our freedom.

The primary substrate, bricks and mortar, were purposefully selected because of Milwaukee's historic affiliation with brick construction due to large local clay deposits. The colors were selected to blend in with the buildings in this valley.

The rare, pure, black granite represents the rigor and strength of our great service men and women, and the rarity of the sacrifices and courage they showed on the battle field.

One should be able to see their reflection in the black granite. This is intended to provoke visitors to contemplate ways in which they have served others in need.

There are six sides to the memorial, one for each branch of the service and one which recognizes those brewery workers who lost their lives in the line of duty in World War II. We hope to spark interest in this particular element to recognize additional members of our campus that have lost their lives in other wars. 

The bronzed kegs represent the early essence of our brewery and industry, founded on kegged beer. Many of those kegs found their way into the family-owned corner bar where so many memories and celebrations occurred, such as the safe return of a soldier from action.

The barley and hops in the talons of the eagle represent two of the basic elements of beer. The talons, an eagle's primary source of defense, represent our employees and what they do every day to protect the quality of our beers. It should also be noted that an eagle's talons grow continuously much like we aspire to grow our brewery and its influence on the community.

The early morning dew will surely drape itself on the memorial representing the water needed to turn our ingredients into our brewery's livelihood all enabled by . . .

. . . the American Bald Eagle, a symbol of freedom in our nation. Notice that the eagle faces the brewery and corporate campus in recognition of those MillerCoors veterans past and present.

The wings are set for flight prepared to soar over our campus and protect those who may serve in the future. It is also meant for us to act on our on-going obligation in support of those that have served or do so now.

The Eagle's beak is open, representing it calling out to reinforce the bond between eagles and warm predators of its presence. Accordingly, this is intended to represent the bond between employees of MillerCoors and symbolize to the American Beer industry the competitive spirit that lives in this historic valley.
The Miller Valley Veterans Memorial is located at the Miller Valley Visitor Center, 4251 West State Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53208.

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Vintage bus parked at the entrance to the visitor center.

The entrance to Miller Valley.

Gosh, it was a gorgeous day in Miller Valley!

The memorial is located at the Miller Valley
Visitor Center & Gift Shop in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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