Grosse Cemetery

© Photographed October 7, 2016
Little Suamico, Oconto County, Wisconsin
44.707032, -88.017672

Established by Gustavus
Alexander Grosse & Wife Caroline.
They arrived in the U.S. from
Berlin, Germany, in 1846 with their
sons John, William, Charles &
Gustavus II, settling in Green Bay
until Mar. 14, 1852.
Coming up the Little Suamico River
they spent the night here & were
so impressed they decided to buy
this spot for a private cemetery
for their descendants.
They all settled here.

In Memory of Peter P. Le Clercq

Grosse Cemetery located on westbound Allen Road, about a quarter mile west of its intersection with County Highway J, Little Suamico, Wisconsin 51414.
  • Believed to be Wisconsin's oldest active family cemetery.
  • Members of the Gustavus Grosse family where the first settlers to the Little Suamico area. They had originally settled in Green Bay, but left in 1851 after the private bank they had founded failed. The family found success with an impressive five-sawmill business along the lower part of the Little Suamico River. The business was ruined by the 1871 Peshtigo fire. Homes built by Gustavus Grosse and his son remain to this day on Grosse Street in Little Suamico.

 With the cemetery visible to the left (behind the shrubbery)

 The small cemetery.

 A very pretty setting.

The unmarked entrance to the cemetery.

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