Dedicated to the Brave Men of the 39th Fighter Group

© Photographed September 11, 2016
Dedicated July 10, 1985
Superior, Douglas County, Wisconsin
46.722893, -92.068871
46°43'22.4"N 92°04'07.9"W

Dedicated to the brave men
of the 49th Fighter Group
Departed Morrison AFB, Florida, 4 January 1942
First expeditionary force to leave the U.S. after
the declaration of war
Leading group in the Pacific Theater -- 678 Eenemy
planes shot down

Major Richard I. Bong
with 40 victories became
America's "Ace of Aces"

The memorial is located at the Richard I. Bong Veterans Historical Center, and accessible from westbound East 2nd Street / U.S Route 2/53, just west of its intersection with Marina Drive, located at 305 East 2nd Street, Superior, Wisconsin 54880.

The memorial is at the entrance to the

The flags are at half staff for September 11th.

The memorial is located in Superior, Wisconsin.

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