The General MacArthur White Pine

© Photographed August 6, 2016
Florence, Florence County, Wisconsin
45.922175, -88.260461
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The General MacArthur White Pine
This is a cross section [sic] cookie that was cut from the MacArthur Pine, which grew near Newland in Forest County not far from here. The tree was estimated to be over 400 years old. It was given the name of one of Wisconsin's best-known citizens, General Douglas MacArthur. The MacArthur Pine, with a circumference of 17 feet 6 inches, a height of 148 feet, and a crown that spread 48 feet, was ranked as one of the largest white pines in the United States and possibly the world. It is estimated that the tree contained more than 8,000 board feet of lumber, which is enough to build an an average size house.

Giants like this covered Northern Wisconsin when the state was settled in the 1800's. But 1907 Wisconsin was a major produced of lumber in the nation. Why this tree was spared when lumberjacks went through the area isn't known. It was discovered by a U.S. Forest Ranger in 1945 and became a favorite tourist destination.

Lightening in 1977 blew off forty feet of the top. A second strike in 1986 carved cavity in the base of the tree. The end came on June 24, 2001 when fire, possibly cause by lightening, brought the towering sentinel down.

In 1988 [sic] veterans who served under General MacArthur and Forest Service personnel used rifles to shoot down seed bearing [sic] cones. The seedlings they produced were shipped around the world. Many of them were planted in the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest here in Northeastern Wisconsin [sic] assuring that the descendents [sic] of this mighty tree live on.

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The General MacArthur White Pine (1946)
(note group of people at the base of the pine)

This Milwaukee statue honors General Douglas MacArthur.

The markers is located inside the

Signs from every direction lead to the

The marker is located in Florence, Wisconsin.

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