Nicolet National Forest: Lost Lake: Assessor's Trail

© Photographed August 6, 2015
Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest, Forest County, Wisconsin
45.883751, -88.555295 (approximately)
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Welcome to the Assessor's Trail
Take a hike on this one-mile look trail and learn how it got its name. Interpretative signs along the way provide information about the forest. Towering trees, lake vistas, and a special pine tree are some of the interesting features you will see.

If you'd like an easier 1/2 mile walk, take the crossover trail about 1/4-mile from the trail head. This part of the trail is wheelchair accessible. The rest of the trail has some small hills.
The trail was reported to have 50 interpretative signs (see Terhune article below) -- there were five. The trail was in disrepair and eventually indiscernible and we were lost. I followed the lake shore and ended up at the Lost Lake Campground. It was sheer luck that I turned right instead of left, thereby taking the road that led directly to the Assessor's Trail trail head parking lot, where I had left my car.

DIRECTIONS: From Florence, take State Highway 70 west for 15 miles to FR 2450. Turn left and go south 1 mile to FR 2156 (Lost Lake Road), then 3 miles southeast to the Lost Lake Campground entrance. Turn left and follow the signs to the trail head.

Assessors [sic] Trail by Sym Terhune (National Forest Service, Ret.)

That's interesting!

One of the first signs the trail was not being taken care of.

Lots of this kind of fungi on the path.

This tree was nightmare to traverse.
Ended up on my hands and knees crawling underneath.

Using a zoon -- this marker was inaccessible
because of the dense forest.

See the "Assessor's Pine" sign in the distance in the middle?
Where's the pine???

View of Lost Lake -- am now I'm lost, too.
The path is uneven and rocky and just plain treacherous.

Finally! Safely back at the parking lot!

Impossible to miss all the signage leading
to the Assessor's Trail:

Follow Dream Lake Road (aka FR 2156) to the trail head.
Looking east along State Highway 70.

The alleged Assessor's Trail is located in Florence County, Wisconsin.

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