St. Gregory Church (1864-1868)

© Photographed July 2, 2016 and April 22, 2017
St. Nazianz, Manitowoc County, Wisconsin
44.005128, -87.926134
44°00'18.5"N 87°55'34.1"W

is listed in the
The State Historical Society of Wisconsin

St. Gregory  Church is located on westbound Church Street, between South 2nd Avenue (to the east) and West Street (to the west), at or near

Historic Name: St. Gregory's Church
Reference Number: 16254
Year Built: 1864
Architectural Style: Gothic Revival
Wall Material: Concrete
Architect:Rev. Ambrose Oschwald
National/State Register Listing Name:  St. Gregory's Church
National Register Listing Date: 1982-06-07
State Register Listing Date: 1989-01-01
National Register Multiple Property Name: Colony of St. Gregory Nazianzen Thematic Group
Additional Information: Built in the "Country Church Gothic" tradition, the single-story, gable-roofed church boasts a 148 foot steeple. This church, as part of the Colony of St. Gregory of Nazianzen, represents remnants of a peculiar cooperative society, common in the three decades prior to the Civil War.
Oh, this is an impressive stone building!

There is also a huge cemetery here.

View of the church from the cemetery.

 View of the east side of the church from Church Street.

Aerial view of St. Gregory Church (c. 1900)

 St. Gregory Church is located in St. Nazianz, Wisconsin.

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