Mishicot Heritage: Mishicot School District No [sic] 1

© Photographed July 9 and 10, 2016
Erected by M.A.G.I.C.
(Mishicot Area Growth and Improvement Committee)
Mishicot, Manitowoc County, Wisconsin
44.240234, -87.638815
 44°14'24.8"N 87°38'19.7"W
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Mishicot School District No [sic] 1
This two room [sic] school house was built in 1873 to relieve the over crowding [sic] in the first, [sic] one-room school building, which had been built in 1849 and was located in Water Street, now known as Main Street, directly across from where the Country Store now stands. The original school was the fourth school in Manitowoc County, following Manitowoc, Manitowoc Rapids, and Two Rivers. The original school building no longer exists.

A Number [sic] of local people, including Ira Smith, John Mayer and F. Quisdorf, helped build this two-room school house [sic]. It was originally built across the street from the location, on Elizabeth Street, on land donated by Daniel Smith, founder of the village. It seemed as a graded school, with grades 1-4 in one room and 5-8 in the other. In 1905 it was replaced in that location by the third school house [sic], which was double its size and which still stands in that location across the street from here. Many residents of the Village attended all twelve grades in that third school building. At that time, this building became the town hall and served as such until the Village was incorporated in 1950. Since then and until 1985, it has served several purposes including a maintenance garage.
In 1985, a local civic group called, [sic] MAGIC, Mishicot Area Growth and improvement [sic] Committee, began to focus on the history of the area and decided to restore this building and turn it into a museum. They also began placing commemorative signs on historical buildings to recognize and preserve their history. There are fifteen such markers and a copy of their locations is available at the Village Hall and here at this museum.
The marker is located at the Mishicot Historical Museum and Research Center, located at the V-intersection of Randolph Street / County Highway V and Buchanan Street, at or near 419 Buchanan Street, Mishicot, Wisconsin 54228.

History of Mishicot School District (1948)
Downloadable PDF originally published in A centennial history of the Manitowoc County school districts and its public school system, 1848-1948

Tale of a Museum, by George Schmidt
Originally published in the April/May 2005 MAGIC Newsletter

Mishicot Historical Museum and Research Center

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The marker is at the corner of the building.

The school facade, with the marker visible to the far right.

Dexter's anxious to get inside to look around.

My sweet pup!

The schoolhouse is located at the base of the Mishicot water tower,
impossible to miss no matter where you are in town.

 The schoolhouse is now home to
Mishicot Historical Museum and Research Center.

Beautiful day lilies in the flower garden.

The marker is located in Mishicot, Wisconsin.

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