Mishicot Area Wildlife

© Photographed July 8, 2016
Mishicot, Manitowoc County, Wisconsin
 44°14'15.0"N 87°38'26.0"W
44.237500, -87.640549
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Look Around! This area long the East Twin / Mishicot River is teeming with wildlife, even though it is backed by the Village of Mishicot commercial district and State Hwy 147. The ecosystem provided by the river, its banks and the natural island provide shelter for a wonderful array of birds and small mammals.
KINGFISHERS -- Belted Kingfishers find the East Twin River an ideal location. They next in burrows in a bank near the water. They feed on fish, diving headfirst to catch the fish in their bills, then pound the prey on a perch to kill it. Size: 11-14 inches. Sound: A loud, rattling cry.

WOODPECKERS -- Woodpeckers thrive in the woods along the river. You can find  Downy (left), Red-Headed and if you look hard you may spot a Pileated (right) aka Woody Woodpecker!

WADING BIRDS -- Both great Blue Herons and the more common Sandhill Crane (shown in photo) have been seen enjoying the River. The Sandhill Crane may be the oldest surviving bird species with fossils as old as 10 million years. They are a large, elegant bird, standing 3-5 feet tall with a wing span of 5-6 feet. Great Blue Herons are about the same size as the Sandhill Crane. Their backs, wings, and tails are a more bluish grey color. Adult herons have a white and black striped head. A Heron's diet consists primarily of fish, while the Sandhill Crane is omnivorous, eating tubers, grains, worms, snakes and mice.

RACCOONS -- are among the most intelligent of wildlife species. They are omnivores, like humans, eating both meat and vegetables. Their favorite foods include: fish, frogs, insects, fruits and berries. They also love to raid garbage cans and gardens! Raccoons are nocturnal. Look for them between sunset and sunrise.

MINK -- Mike in this area may be a wild variety or feral (domestically bred, but escaped from capacity). Fox Hills Resort is built near the site of a former mink farm, and there is still a mink ranch in rural Misichot. Mink are carnivorous and commonly prey on fish, crayfish, large insects, waterfowl, chipmunks and other small mammals. Mink are excellent swimmers. They are nocturnal. If you want to see a mink look for them between dusk and dawn.
The marker is located inside Mishicot Village Park, along the Ice Age National Scenic Trail, adjacent to the swing set, Mishicot, Wisconsin 54228.

Welcome to Mishicot, Wisconsin

Ice Age Trail Alliance

These markers are also at this location:

The marker is next to the swings.

Lovely flowers along the park walking path . . .

Love, love, love day lillies!

The marker is located at Mishicot Village Park.

The marker is located in Mishicot, Wisconsin.

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