Company 1696 Civilian Conservation Corps 1933 - 1941

© Photographed July 30, 2016
Dunbar, Marinette County, Wisconsin
45.649011, -88.165560
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 1933  Civilian   1941
Conversation Corps

Camp Dunbar
Co. 1696

The marker is located adjacent to the "Free Fish Pond", and is accessible from westbound U.S. Route 8, about a mile west of its intersection with County Highway O, Dunbar, Wisconsin 54119.

Civilian Conversation Corps Legacy

Looking east along U.S. Highway 8 from the marker location.

The marker (visible in the distance) is located
adjacent to the Free Fish Pond.

The marker is to the left of the Free Fish Pond sign.

Smokey the Bear is also at this location --
the marker is visible in the distance, to the left of Smokey.

 Looking west, with the Free Fish Pond to the right.

 Looking west along U.S. Route 8.

The marker is located in Dunbar, Wisconsin.

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