The Home of Ole Larsen

© Photographed June 22, 2016
Erected 1958 by Ephraim Men's Association
Ephraim, Door County, Wisconsin
45.163934, -87.216277
The home of Ole Larsen, first farmer in Door County, stood here. In 1850 he came to Eagle Island where he supplied the Buffalo Steamer with wood on its weekly run to Green Bay. Three years later the timber was consumed and he moved his log house to this spot. He fostered the Ephraim colony and was the founder of the large Scandinavian settlement in the northern Door Peninsula. In 1957 the house, oldest in Door County, was removed.
The marker is located deep inside Peninsula State Park, on the easternmost edge of the South Nicolet Bay Campground, across from campsite E752, Fish Creek, Wisconsin 54212.

NOTE: You will need an annual pass or be required to pay a day-use fee to enter the park. The entrance to the park is located at 9462 Shore Road, Fish Creek, Wisconsin 54212.

My great-uncle, Norwegian-immigrant Hjalmar Holand, who founded the Door County Historical Society in October 1927, was instrumental in the placement of the Ole Larsen marker.

The photograph of Ole Larsen hangs at the Ephraim Moravian Church.

Ephraim Moravian Church.

Painted by Moravian Pastor Iverson, who founded
Ephraim, the church was originally situated alongside the harbor.

The steeple on the left -- Ephraim Moravian Church,
was moved from its original location alongside the harbor.

With Nicolet Bay sparkling between the trees at the end of the road.

Ole Larsen's headstone at nearby Ephraim Moravian Cemetery.

The Ole Larsen marker is located in Door County.

The marker is located inside Peninsula State Park,
in Fish Creek, Wisconsin.

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