Oneida Nation Museum: Welcome to the Oneida Nation Museum

© Photographed June 24, 2016
Erected by Oneida Nation Museum
Hobart, Brown County, Wisconsin
44.444551, -88.229191
44°26'40.4"N 88°13'45.1"W
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Shekólí (Greetings)
Welcome to the Oneida Nation Museum
Please begin your tour here with this painting and continue in a counter-clockwise direction.

This painting is titled "Descent of Sky Woman" by Toni Cook, a member of the Onondaga Nation from Nedrow, New York. The painting depicts a scene from the Oneida Creation Story. The woman in white is called Skywoman. She has fallen from Skyworld into our world. As you can see there is no land in our world, just water. The only animals are the water animals. They decide to help Skywoman by sending up all the water birds. In the painting all the water birds are catching Skywoman on their wings. The birds then look for a place to set her down. They eventually find a giant Sea Turtle who agrees to support here. It is from this turtle that the North American continent was formed.

This is a short excerpt from our Creation Story. Traditionally, the Creation Story was told over a two day span and lasted for a total of about 10 hours.
The Oneida Nation Museum is located on westbound County Road EE, about a half mile west of its intersection with County Road E, at or near W892 County Road EE, Hobart, Wisconsin 54115.

This small museum is full of artifacts, information and stories about Oneida culture, history and traditions, including:
  • A section of an Oneida longhouse, filled with hands-on artifacts (fabulous for kids of all ages)
  • A hands-on display of a variety of silky, lustrous fur pelts
  • An exhibit of exquisite, award-winning corn husk dolls
  • Beautiful artwork -- paintings, sculptures, intricate beading -- by gifted Oneida artists
  • Exhibits on Oneida U.S. military service from the Revolutionary War to the present
  • Examples of Oneida pottery
  • Loads of free, informative handouts from the Oneida Cultural Heritage Department
  • A gift store with books, music, videos, gorgeous jewelry, clothing, and other souvenirs.
The Museum is also available for school / group tours, and holds several cultural events throughout the year, including story telling, art and craft classes, and Native-American movie screenings.

More information is available on the Oneida Nation Museum Facebook Page. 

The Museum is closed Sundays and Mondays. Hours are:
  • Summer (June-August): Tuesday-Friday, 9A-5P; Saturday 10A-1P
  • Winter (September-May): Tuesday-Friday, 9A-5P
  • Telephone number: 920.869.2768

NOTE: There is no photography permitted inside the museum. Special and gracious permission was given to take the photos that are included on this post.  

Oneida Tribe of Indians Wisconsin

 This carved bear greets all visitors to the Oneida Nation Museum.

 The entrance to the Oneida Nation Museum.

The Oneida Nation is made up of three clans:
Bear Clan
Wolf Clan
Turtle Clan

 Corn Husk Man is an imposing figure!

 Learn how to pronounce words in the Oneida language.

There are loads of exhibits to explore!

This exhibit tells the story of the Oneida removal
from their upstate New York homeland to Wisconsin.

This exhibit is dedicated to the service of
Oneida Code Talkers during World War II:
Hudson Doxtator (Army),
Several interpretive markers
are located on the museum grounds:

Includes a look inside the Oneida Nation Museum.

 View of the museum from County Highway EE.

 Signage leading to the museum location.

The Oneida Nation Museum is located in Hobart, Wisconsin.

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