Oneida Nation Museum: Medicinal Plant Nature Trail

© Photographed June 24, 2016
Erected by Oneida Nation Museum
Hobart, Brown County, Wisconsin
44.444551, -88.229191
44°26'40.4"N 88°13'45.1"W
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Medicinal Plant Nature Trail
The Oneida Nation is one of the Six Nations of the Iroquois Confederacy. A band of Oneida's [sic] relocated to Wisconsin in the early 1800's.
One of the reasons they decided to settle in the Fox Valley area was because the terrain and plant life is [sic] very similar to that of their homeland in upper New York State.
Huron Smith, a botanist from the Milwaukee Public Museum, visited the [Oneida] Reservation in the last 1920's.
Smith documented the extensive use of plants by the Oneida people. His field notes reference hundreds of plant species, along with medicinal uses of many. 

Smith's work is unique because in addition to collecting plant specimens and photographs, he researched Tribal uses. Smith's work is an historic body of information for those interested in the Tribal use of plants.
The Oneida Nation Museum is located on westbound County Road EE, about a half mile west of its intersection with County Road E, at or near W892 County Road EE, Hobart, Wisconsin 54115.

Milwaukee Public Museum: Ethnobotany

Milwaukee Public Museum: Ethnobotany: Oneida Tribe
Mr. Huron H. Smith, Curator of Botany of the Milwaukee Public Museum, was never able to write his report about the Oneida Tribe, although his field notes remain intact. On February 25, 1933, Smith, along with his wife and her parents, were killed instantly when their automobile was struck by a Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway train at Glenview, Ilinois.

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 The marker is at the entrance to the
Oneida Nation Museum Nature Trail.

The video includes a look inside the Oneida Nation Museum.

 This bear greets visitors to the Oneida Nation Museum.

 View of the Oneida Nation Museum from County Road EE.

The Oneida Nation Museum is located in Hobart, Wisconsin.

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