George Washington Statue

© Photographed January 18, 2016
First dedicated August 15, 1911 at Oshkosh Zoo
Moved to present location June 1957
Rededicated July 5, 1957
Oshkosh, Winnebago County, Wisconsin
44.031946, -88.522109
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The statue is located at the center of a grassy triangle between East New York Avenue, Menominee Drive, and Hazel Street, at or near

The Oshkosh statue of Washington is of life size.  It represents him in the uniform of a general of the Continental Army.  He stands bareheaded, his right hand resting on a cane and his left upon a pillar representing the Roman fasces, a collection of rods surmounted by an axe, symbol of power.  Near the fasces, is the general’s sword in its scabbard, and back of him are a plowshare and other implements of war and peace.  The base of the monument is of rose colored granite from Salisbury, North Carolina. The pedestal was designed and cut by H.F. Wenrich of Oshkosh.  The cost was $5,000.

George Washington is a statue by French sculptor Jean-Antoine Houdon from the late 18th century. Based on a life mask and other measurements of George Washington taken by Houdon, it is considered one of the most accurate depictions of the subject. The original sculpture is located in the rotunda of the Virginia State Capitol in Richmond, Virginia, and has been copied extensively.

The temperature was around zero with the wind chill
from Lake Winnebago (just across the road).
It was dang cold!!!

Houdon's original Washington
Virginia State Capitol, Richmond, VA
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Revisited July 1, 2016
George Washington has a fabulous view of Lake Winnebago!

 Looking east, clear across to Stockbridge and Quinney,
on the east side of Lake Winnebago.

Zoom-in of Menominee Park Fishing Pier, across from George.

The George Washington Statue is located in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

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