Semi-Centennial 1st & 4th Wisconsin Calvary

© Photographed December 25, 2015
Dedicated June 10, 1913
Ripon, Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin

1st Wis. Cav.
Aug. 15 to Nov. 23, 1861

1st & 4th Wis. Cav.
1861 - 1911

The marker is located at Ripon College, in front of East Hall, and is accessible from southbound Ransom Street, just north of its intersection with West Blossom Street, at or near 230 Ransom Street, Ripon, Wisconsin 54971.

NOTE: This marker, made of Montello granite, marks the first camp, in 1861, of the First Wisconsin Calvary. 

In 1861 Ripon College was closed for one year because of the Civil War. All campus buildings were  lent to the U.S. Government and occupied by the 1st Wisconsin Cavalry Regiment. East Hall built in 1851, Smith Hall, built in 1855, and West Hall, built in 1867, Ripon College's three original buildings, were home to the 1st Calvary during that time.

The marker is imbedded in the grass.

The marker is at the base of the flagpole, not visible in this photo.

Nearby Smith Hall, also once home to 1st Wisconsin.

The marker is located at Ripon College in Ripon, Wisconsin.

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