41-Foot Utility Boat Large (UTB)

© Photographed November 1, 2015
Erected 2015 by Door County Maritime Museum
Sturgeon Bay, Door County, Wisconsin
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41-Foot Utility Boat Large (UTB)
The Coast Guard built 207 UTBs, at a cost of $235,000 for each boat, all at the Coast Guard Yard in Curtis Bay, Maryland, from 1973 to 1978. The 41-ft. UTB has been one of the most successful boats in Coast Guard history, ably serving as the general workhorse at multi-mission stations for 41 years. The UTB was designed to operate under moderate weather and sea conditions where speed and maneuverability were crucial. While they were primarily used for search and rescue, the mission expanded to include boating safety, marine environmental protection, enforcement of laws and treaties, security of ports, waterways and coasts and defense operations including missions associated with homeland security. Since its first year in service in 1973, the 41-ft. UTB class has
Conducted over 350,000 sorties
Saved over $400 million in property
And saved over 41,800 lives!
Starting in the early 1990s, minor stress cracks began to develop in the aluminum hulls of some boats from wear and tear. While at Station Milwaukee, CG-41410 was pulled from the water and cannibalized for parts in order to keep other 41s in the group going. Later, she was fully repaired and returned to the water where she participated in countless search and rescue cases and various other operations.

Beginning in 2008, these aging boats were gradually retired. The CG-41410 has the distinction of being the last UTB in service, having been decommissioned in Grand Haven, Michigan, on July 31, 2014.

CG-41410 went into service on July 1, 1977 at Station Milwaukee and served at a number of Lake Michigan stations in the succeeding 37 years. That included being stationed twice at the Sturgeon Bay Canal Station from April 26, 2002 until August 15, 2003 and again from June 12, 2007 until August 6, 2007. She was last stationed in Muskegon, Michigan.

In accordance with Coast Guard tradition, the hull numbers of the cutter with the earliest commissioning date are painted gold to honor this unique senior status. The vessel is affectionately referred to as "the queen of the fleet." This tradition has been adopted by the boat forces as well. The gold hull numbers indicate that particular boat is the oldest in its class still in operation. CG-41410 sported the gold numbers for the 41-ft. UTB class prior to retirement. Because she was the last operational vessel in her class, she continues to display the gold hull numbers so proudly earned.

The CG-41410 is back in Sturgeon Bay through a cooperative effort by the USCG Historian's Office, USCG Sector Lake Michigan, the Door County Maritime Museum, the City of Sturgeon Bay, and the Sturgeon Bay Coast Guard Committee. She arrived in Sturgeon Bay in April 2015 aboard a USCG barge being pushed by the USCGC Mobile Bay from the USCG facility in Milwaukee. She was lifted and settled into her final mooring place by a crew from Bay Shipbuilding Company. As a proud Coast Guard City, Sturgeon Bay and the Door County Maritime Museum are honored to help tell the Coast Guard's story on the Door Peninsula with this display of CG-41410. The boat is on permanent loan from the U.S. Coast Guard Heritage Asset Collection.
The marker is located on the grounds of the Door County Maritime Museum on northbound Madison Avenue, north of its intersection with Locust Court, at 120 North Madison Avenue, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin 54235.

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Door County Maritime Museum

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A beautiful fall sunrise in Sturgeon Bay . . .

CG-41410 conducts flight operations while on duty at Station Milwaukee

41-ft. UTB at work [putting out fire]

 CG-41410 being delivered to Sturgeon Bay
aboard Coast Guard barge pushed by USCGC Mobile Bay

CG-41410 being maneuvered into her final mooring place

Typical three-person 41-ft. UTB crew

CG-41410 being retired at
Grand Haven, Michigan

 Nearby anchor . . .

 41-Foot Utility Boat Large (UTB) is located
on the grounds of the Door County Maritime Museum.

 The boat and marker are located at the historic downtown waterfront
in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.

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