The Legend of the Lone Saguaro Mine

© Photographed October 11, 2015
Elkhorn, Walworth County, Wisconsin
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In the 1880's prospector, Jacob Watson wandered all over the hills and dales of the Tombstone Mining District in the Arizona Territory, he never found any yellow or silver stone. Discouraged he left the west and then cris-crossed the entire country in search of his El Dorado & finally entered the Great Lakes area.

On this very spot he saw a lone saguaro cactus (the only one in Wisconsin) and to his amazement found a rick vein of gold ore. He called his strike (The Lone Saguaro Mine.) A few yards away he found another vein and called it the tumbleweed mine. After removing tons of gold ore, subterranean water started to pour into his mines at the 13th level & the flooding forced the mines to be closed.

Water continues to be pumped out of these mines & it eventually ends up in the Great Lakes. If the water stops flowing out of these mines it is estimated the Great Lakes will dry up in just a few years. In light of this possibility, the Watson Amalgamation & Consolidation Mining & Great Land Company is selling land claims on the territory now covered by the waters of the Great Lakes. This land will become some of the richest farm & recreational property in the entire country.

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Watson's Wild West is located on westbound Potter Road, west of its intersection with North Wisconsin Street, at

 The Legend of the Lone Saguaro Mine is located at Watson's Wild West.

The marker is located in Elkhorn, Wisconsin.

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