Springdale Lutheran Church

© Photographed October 16, 2015
Erected 1988 by the Dane County Historical Society
and Springdale Lutheran Church
Mt. Horeb, Dane County, Wisconsin
43° 0.359′ N, 89° 41.485′ W

Norwegians came to this peaceful area of rolling hills and valleys in 1846 and organized a Lutheran congregation in 1852, holding services outdoors and in homes. These God-fearing people purchased 2 acres of land for a church and cemetery in Springdale Township in 1861. Following the Norwegian tradition, they built their church on a hill. The original building was 32 x 48 feet with walls 25 feet high. The 25 foot steeple was added in 1877. The regionally-unique design, attributed to Aslak Olsen Lie, a pioneer member of the congregation, has 4 tiers with arched dormer windows, topped by a wood ornament. The 1000 pound Meneely bell was cast in Troy, New York. The present larger church, built in 1895, retains the original steeple. An exact copy replaced the weathered ornament in 1983. The stained glass windows are memorials to the pioneers whose descendants still worship here.
The marker is located at Springdale Lutheran Church, located on northbound Town Hall Road, just north of its intersection with County Highway Id, at 2752 Town Hall Road, Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin 53572.

The marker is No. 24 in the Dane County Historical Society Markers Series.

 The referenced stained-glass windows.

 Looking north along Town Hall Road . . .

 The church and marker are located in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin.

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