Kemper Hall

 © Photographed October 11, 2015
Erected by The Dekoven Center
Racine, Racine County, Wisconsin
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"In the spring of 1857, so prosperous had the institution become financially and in respect to number of students, that a second building was declared necessary . . ." is recorded in History of Racine, 1879. The local citizenry raised $12,000 and Kemper Hall was erected about 240 feet south of Park Hall. It was named for David Jackson Kemper (1789-1870), the first Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Wisconsin and an incorporator of Racine College. It is unknown when a third story was added to its north and south wings.

By 1859, the year Kemper Hall was completed, the college had graduated forty-three students. That same year, a German School was added through a union of St. John's Hall of Delafield, Wisconsin, and the Rev. Dr. James DeKoven (1831-1879) assumed the college presidency, beginning a twenty-year leadership which brought the college its finest years.
Taylor Hall is located on the campus of The DeKoven Center, located at

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 The marker is visible at the base of the stairs, to the right.

 The west side of the building.

 The south (to the left) and east (to the right) sides of the building.

 The east entrance to Kemper Hall.

The Buildings of Racine College (1876)
Kember Hall is visible left and front in this sketch.

 View of Lake Michigan, directly across from entrance to The DeKoven Center.

Kemper Hall is located on the grounds
of The DeKoven Center in Racine, Wisconsin.

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