Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railroad Depot 1885

© Photographed October 17, 2015
Brodhead, Green County, Wisconsin

Chicago, Milwaukee
& St. Paul
Railroad Depot

The marker is located at the historic Brodhead Depot, now home to the Brodhead Chamber of Commerce, located on northbound 1st Center Avenue / Wisconsin Highway 11, north of its intersection with 12th Street. The address of the Chamber is
 The marker is affixed to the facade, adjacent to the north entrance to the Depot.

This Brodhead Train Depot Mural depicts the history of Brodhead.

Brodhead is birthplace to the Civil War 1st Brigade Band,
now located in Watertown, Wisconsin.

 The Depot is also home to the Brodhead Historical Museum.

Screenshot of vintage postcard provided by
The marker is located in Brodhead, Wisconsin.

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