Brodhead Mural: Glen Condon

© Photographed October 17, 2015
Brodhead, Green County, Wisconsin
Glen Condon
His grandson recalls the time an old man came out of a store and said, "You're Glen Condon's grandson, aren't you?" Hearing an affirmative, the man handed over a silver dollar saying, "Glen Condon was the best man I ever knew."
Glen Condon was a life-long Brodhead businessman and a third-generation Brodhead resident, his grandfather having come here as a pioneer in 1836, twenty years before the city was founded.
His livestock sales barn at East Second Avenue and Exchange Street was a landmark until the late 1960's. In addition to the sales barn and several stockyards in neighboring communities, he owned several farms, a poultry business, and a slaughterhouse. Glen's stockyard was so busy that he sometimes hipped as many as 16 railroad cars of cattle from Brodhead to Chicago in a single day!
Starting in 1907, Glen and his brother, Marion,w ere partners in several businesses including a meat market at 1015 1st Center Avenue. The Brothers Condon were close; in fact, they owned homes facing each other across 1st Center Avenue a block north of the business district.
Glen was a well-known community leader and a founder of the Decatur Lake Country Club, though he seldom played golf. He preferred to work in his large garden and spend time with his family and was also an avid fisherman.
Glen was known among his farm clientele as a fair, honest and generous man. During the Great Depression he was known to leave sacks of groceries on doorsteps, and once left a cow and a bull at a farm after he had bought the entire herd. His charity extended to unfortunate children as well, as he and his wife Alice raised nine orphans along with their own two children.
The mural is located on westbound East Exchange Street, at its intersection with 1st Center Avenue / Wisconsin Highway 11, Brodhead, Wisconsin 53520.

Brodhead Historical Society: Brodhead History

These are also at this location:

 That's Glen Condon walking out the door of the Brodhead Depot.

The mural, with the marker visible to the left.

 Glen Condon's story is on the right.

Historic Brodhead Depot, a block-and-a-half south of the mural location.

The marker and mural are located in Brodhead, Wisconsin.

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