Brodhead Mural: Christine Gombar

 © Photographed October 17, 2015
Brodhead, Green County, Wisconsin

Christine Gombar
Christine Gombar was a pioneer woman who effectively transitioned to modern times. She was a very intelligent, kind, and thoughtful person who was loved and respected by all who knew her.
Christime Skolas Gombar was a woman ahead of her time.  Born on March 20th 1898 to second generation Norwegian parents, she grew up on a dairy/tobacco farm near Lake Koshkonong in Dane County, WI. Her early life was not easy, as her mother died of tuberculosis when she was two years old and Christine was raised by her grandparents.
At a time when most women entered finishing school, Christine entered the University of Wisconsin Madison in 1915 to study what was then the new field of bacteriology. She was so skilled in the subject that by the end of her sophomore year several dentists, including her part time employer, set her up in a laboratory where she could isolate and identify various mouth and gum diseases. They used her findings to give them insight on how to treat their patients.
In 1916, she married Francis Sutherland Gombar Sr. who was born and raised in Broahead and they later had one child, Francis Sutherland Gombar Jr. They resided at 1203 1st Center Avenue in Brodhead.
Christine's husband was both a geologist and an engineer. During the 1930's they traveled extensively across the nation on dirt roads, using a converted Ford Motel T as a camper, office and medical center. Along with assisting her husband in mapping and assessing mineral wealth for the Federal government in the Southwest, she did medical volunteer work for those in need including Native Americans on the Navajo Indian Reservation. Christine was a skilled and trustworthy medical advisor, and the wariest patients soon warmed to her kindness and quiet demeanor.
Christine can be found on the mural sitting on a bench.
The mural is located on westbound East Exchange Street, at its intersection with 1st Center Avenue / Wisconsin Highway 11, Brodhead, Wisconsin 53520.

Brodhead Historical Society: Brodhead History

These are also at this location:

 That's Christine, sitting on the bench (to the far right).

 Christine's story is in the middle of the marker.

 Christine is sitting in front of the Brodhead Depot.

 The mural, with the marker to the left.

 Historic Brodhead Depot, a block-and-a-half south of the mural location.

 The marker and mural are located in Brodhead, Wisconsin.

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