Brodhead Train Depot Mural

 © Photographed October 17, 2015
Erected by Broadhead Chamber Mural Committee
Dedicated during Covered Bridge Day, August 9, 2013
Muralist: Matt Sharum of Dearborn, Michigan
Brodhead, Green County, Wisconsin
The mural is located on westbound East Exchange Street, at its intersection with 1st Center Avenue / Wisconsin Highway 11, Brodhead, Wisconsin 53520.

Brodhead Historical Society: Brodhead History

These are also at this location:

This historical marker tells the history of
three Brodhead residents depicted in the mural.

 Truman Olin, working on the train. 

Christine Gombar (sitting on the bench) and Glen Condon (exiting the depot).

 The mural and historical marker (visible to the left).

Historic Broadhead Depot, a block-and-a-half south of the mural location.

The mural is located in Brodhead, Wisconsin.

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