The Future of the Greater Prairie Chicken... / Grassland Management

© Photographed September 26, 2015
Wisconsin Rapids, Portage County, Wisconsin
44° 20.222′ N, 89° 38.629′ W
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The Future of the Greater Prairie Chicken . . .
Grassland Management
Grassland management is critical for the survival of the Greater Prairie Chicken and other grassland wildlife. Several methods of land management are used to improve the grassland habitat on the Buena Vista Wildlife Area.
The marker is located on eastbound County Highway W, east of its intersection with County Highway F / North 120th Street, near Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin 54494.

These markers are also at this location:

Prescribed Burns
Although prescribed burns are only a small part of the grassland management plan, they are a spectacular sight. Burns are conducted by Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources staff. Prescribed burns are used to discourage the growth of trees and invasive plants. They also remove dead vegetation and promote new growth of native plants.
Fire as a Tool
The earliest inhabitants of the region used fire as a tool to manage the land. Fire is still an important tool today.

Early Wisconsin settlers described Prairie Chickens as so numerous that they looked like "smoke" flushing in front of their plows. Years later, Wisconsin's Prairie Chickens nearly disappeared due to habitat loss.

Today, we have a stable population of Prairie Chickens in the Central Wisconsin Grassland Conservation Area. With continued grassland management and conservation efforts, Prairie Chickens will continue to dance on the booming grounds, raise their young, and survive into the future.
The prairie behind the kiosk, looking southeast.

The marker is inside this kiosk.

The east (to the right) and south sides of the kiosk.

Looking north at the pullout leading to the marker location.

 Signage leading to the marker location.

The marker is located at the Buena Vista Grasslands 
Prairie Chicken Management Area in Bancroft, Wisconsin.

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