Site of the First Polish Settlement in Wisconsin / Dedication

© Photographed September 26, 2015
Custer, Portage County, Wisconsin

"Here also walked the little man -- the peasant whose alchemy of sweat and toil, of tears and heartache, in the land of foreign tongue, cast the mold of that might structure -- America"
Stanley Drabinowicz -- in the centennial book "We, the Milwaukee Folks"

To the memory of Polish pioneers, who after a long and difficult journey from the land of their fathers, settled here to build and develop the new, mighty country, the Polish Roman Catholic Union of America in its seventy fifth [sic] year of existence, dedicates this plaque in the centennial year of the great State of Wisconsin, on the site of the first colony of Polish settlers in the northwest, founded here in 1855 and the first Polish parish in Wisconsin, organized in Polonia, in 1858.
Chicago, Illinois -- September 5, 1948
Felix J. Kacknowski, Chaplin
Mary Skoczylis, Secretary General
Joseph L. Kania, President
Frank L. Brandt, Treasurer

The marker is located at Sacred Heart Church on eastbound Church Street, between Wilson Street (to the west) and County Highway K (to the east), at or near 7375 Church Street, Custer, Wisconsin 54423.

The marker is on a northwest corner of the church.

The north-side entrance to (and front of) the church.

Above the entrance to the sanctuary.

The Black Madonna of Czestochowa (painted by St. Luke),
on the wall inside the church entrance.

 A shrine to the Virgin Mary, directly across from the church.

Sacred Heart Cemetery, directly across the road from the church.

 At the east end of Church Street, looking west.

The east (to the right) and south sides of the church.
The marker and building are located in Custer, Wisconsin.

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