[East Wells] Oneida Street Power Plant

© Photographed September 13, 2015
Erected 1980 by The American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin
43° 2.444′ N, 87° 54.679′ W
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Oneida Street Power Plant
This facility formerly known as the Oneida Street Power Plant served from 1918-1920 as the pilot plant in the United States for the development and use of Finely-Pulverized-Coal firing in the boilers of steam-electric power plants. The results of the Oneida experiences were new and improved elements of boiler design and lower costs of power generation.
The American Society of Mechanical Engineers - 1980

The marker is affixed to the front facade of the Oneida Street Station located on westbound West Wells Street at its intersection with northbound North Riverwalk Way, on the east side of a bridge crossing the Milwaukee River, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202.

This fabulous 16-page PDF is chock full of fabulous photos and historical information.

Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmarks are existing artifacts or systems representing a significant mechanical engineering technology. They generally are the oldest extant, last surviving examples typical of a period, or they are machines with some unusual distinction. 

Landmarks, sites and collections of historic importance to mechanical engineering are designated by ASME through its History and Heritage Landmarks Program. Landmark status indicates that the artifact, site or collection represents a significant step forward in the evolution of mechanical engineering and is the best known example of its kind.  A plaque is presented for display, a commemorative brochure is prepared, and a roster is kept to promote long-term recognition and preservation efforts.
The Oneida Street Station is listed on the National Register of Historic Places: Wisconsin.

See also, State Historical Society Marker 57: Oneida Street Station, also at this location.

The small plaque is affixed to the facade of the historic 
Oneida Street Station building.

The small plaque is affixed to the building facade,
and is visible to the right of the street lamp.

The plaque is affixed to the brick facade and is visible to the left.

The small plaque is affixed to the facade, 
and is visible on the center brick pillar.

 The marker is affixed to the facade of the Oneida Street Station,
and is located to the right, out of view of this photo.

Looking north at the Milwaukee River, a few steps from the marker location.
 Looking west along the Wells Street bridge,
decorated with memorial flags for September 11th.
The marker is adjacent to the Milwaukee River Walk
in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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