Oconto Archaic Copper Museum

© Photographed September 28, 2015
 Oconto, Oconto County, Wisconsin
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Oconto Archaic Copper Museum is located at Copper Culture State Park, at 260 Copper Culture Way, Oconto, Wisconsin 54153.

The "Oconto Site" is a prestigious Registered National Historic Landmark,
one of only 42 such sites in Wisconsin.

This diorama, at the entrance to the museum,
shows how life might have looked like during the copper culture period.

Some of the cool maps inside the museum:

Charles Werrebroeck (right), who brought all the bricks from Belgium
about 1900 to build the house that is now home to the museum (below).

The house is a beautiful representation of old-world Belgium architecture and design.

Pretty fall flowers attract loads of bumblebees,
at the entrance to the museum.

The museum is operated by the Copper Culture Historical Association.

Entrance to Copper Culture Mound State Park.

Oconto Archiac Copper Museum is located in Oconto, Wisconsin.

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