Natural History

© Photographed September 26, 2015
Wisconsin Rapids, Portage County, Wisconsin
44° 20.222′ N, 89° 38.629′ W
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Natural History
Where did they come from? Where are they now? 
There are populations of Greater Prairie Chickens in several Midwestern states, but they are declining. Since 1979, Prairie Chickens have been listed as a "threatened species" in Wisconsin. There was a time when Prairie Chickens were only found in the prairies and savannas of southern Wisconsin. In the 1800s, extensive timber harvesting created more habitat for Prairie Chickens and their range expanded northward. The 1900s brought regrowth of northern forests, property development, and changes in farming practices, causing grasslands to disappear. Now Prairie Chickens are only found in five counties of Central Wisconsin.

The marker is inside this kiosk.

The east (to the right) and south sides of the kiosk.

Looking north at the pullout leading to the marker location.

 Signage leading to the marker location.

The marker is located at the Buena Vista Grasslands 
Prairie Chicken Management Area in Bancroft, Wisconsin.

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