Mando "Steve" Ariens

© Photographed September 6, 2015 and September 10, 2017
Brillion, Calumet County, Wisconsin
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Mando "Steve" Ariens
January 9, 1899 - October 3, 1974
Founder of Ariens Company
The first commercial rotary tiller manufactured in the United States was designed in the basement of Steve's home and built in Henry's garage. With the acceptance of the rotary tiller in the marketplace, the Company grew. Under Steve's leadership the Ariens Company produced a long line of products with Steve's guidance and inventive genius that included the enduring two-stage Sno-Thro introduced in 1960. (Most of all, Steve taught the need for rugged independence and individualism which he believes was required to meet the complex challenges and opportunities of the time.)

Steve was well-known throughout the industry for his life long [sic] efforts on behalf of the Outdoor Power Equipment Industry organization and served as its President in 1965 and 1966. In 1967, Steve founded the Ariens Foundation with the mission to support the growth of both academic and vocational education in the state.

Steve served as Vice President and President of Ariens Company until 1969 when he turned the office over to his son Michael Ariens. Steve then served as Chairman of the Board of Directors until his death.
The marker is located at an Ariens historical display on located on northbound Main Street / County Highway PP, at its intersection with Calumet Street, Brillion, Wisconsin 54110.

These markers are also at this location:

Looking west towards Main Street.

Revisited September 10, 2017
A giant tree rendering photography difficult in 2016 has been removed;
the park has a more open feel, and looks much better.

View from the Main Street entrance to the park.

The marker is located at a small park adjacent to the
Ariens Training Center in Brillion, Wisconsin.

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