Door County Coastal Byway: Village of Egg Harbor

 © Photographed September 20, 2015
Erected by Door County Coastal Byway
Egg Harbor, Door County, Wisconsin

The marker is located adjacent to the Chocolate Chicken, on southbound Horseshoe Bay Road / County Highway G, south of its intersection with Egg Harbor Road / Wisconsin Route 42, at or near 7823 Horseshoe Bay Road, Egg Harbor, Wisconsin 54209.

Door County Coastal Byway

Village History: Village of Egg Harbor

Egg Harbor Historical Society

 With Egg Harbor visible in the distance to the left.

 An Egg Harbor landmark, down at the harbor.

 The marker is adjacent to the Chocolate Chicken.

 The marker is located at Harbor View Park, to the left of this entrance.

The marker is located in Egg Harbor, Wisconsin

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