Andrew Jackson (Old Hickory) 1767-1845

© Photographed September 1, 2015
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Soldiers Walk Memorial Park
Arcadia, Trempealeau County, Wisconsin
44.244142,-91.498145 (memorial walkway)
44.244188,-91.497426 (parking lot to access park)
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1767 - 1845
Andrew Jackson, one of the country's
most honored war heroes, became the
seventh president of the United
States (1828-1836). Born in a log cabin
in South Carolina, Jackson fought in
the Revolution. He served in Congress,
and later became a judge and a Major
General in the Tennessee Militia. He
earned the nickname Old Hickory in
January 1815. He led the U.S. Forces
that defeated the British in New
Orleans, which made Jackson an
instant national hero. Jackson's
fame endured and helped him win
the presidency in 1828. As President
he expanded voting rights and paid
off the National debt.

The Andrew Jackson memorial is located at Soldiers Walk Memorial Park on Memorial Park Drive, at its intersection with South Washington Street / County Highway J and Gaveny Drive, Arcadia, Wisconsin 54612.

NOTE: Soldiers Walk Memorial Park is bordered by and accessible from three streets, northwestbound Reit Lane, northbound South Washington Street / County Highway J, and eastbound Gaveny Road. The park is accessible from all three streets.

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The marker is on the left.

Andrew Jackson - 7th President of the United States (1829–1837), 1824
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[on the ground adjacent to the statue]
This plaque honors our forefathers
who expanded our country.

A tribute to George Washington, at the north entrance
to Arcadia Memorial Park.

The memorial is located at Memorial Park.

The memorial is located in Arcadia, Wisconsin.

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