UW Madison: Living the Wisconsin Idea through Vitamin D: Hector F. DeLuca Biochemical Sciences Complex

© Photographed August 1, 2015
Erected April 2001 by UW Foundation
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin
43° 4.458′ N, 89° 24.632′ W
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University of Wisconsin Madison
Living the Wisconsin Idea through Vitamin D

Early in his career, Hector DeLuca made the landmark discovery that vitamin D is converted to a hormone in the liver and kidney. His subsequent research on chemical derivatives of hormonal vitamin D generated treatments for multiple diseases as well as substantial financial support through WARF for research at the University of Wisconsin. As department chair for 30 years, DeLuca worked tirelessly to build one of the strongest Biochemistry departments in the world. His achievements have greatly contributed to the worldwide standing of the University of Wisconsin-Madison in science and medicine.
This marker has been made possible by a grant from the UW Foundation.

The marker is located at the northeast corner of the Hector F. DeLuca Biochemical Sciences Building on southbound one-way Henry Mall, south of its intersection with Linden Drive, at 440 Henry Mall, Madison, Wisconsin 53706.

NOTE: There is no legal parking at the marker location. Driving around and parking at the UW-Madison campus can be harrowing. Be sure to check the Google Map (above) and campus maps (below) before heading out.

UW-Madison Map and Parking

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The west-facing entrance to the Hector  F. Deluca Biochemical
Sciences Building. The marker is to the far right (not visible in this photograph).

The marker is adjacent to the Hector F. DeLuca Biochemical Sciences Building.

The marker is on the UW-Madison campus.

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