Two Churches

© Photographed August 31, 2015
Erected 1991 by the people of St. Peter's Lebanon
Chuch of Shennington, Wisconsin
Camp Douglas, Juneau County, Wisconsin
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In 1902 Fred Shenning donated the highest land within his prospective town to build a public school, a German Lutheran Church (St. John's), a Danish Lutheran Church (St. Peter's), and a parsonage. St. Peter's was relocated from a site one & one half miles southwest of here. The two congregations existed side by side sharing a parking lot and many family ties. St. John's closed its doors in 1982 and donated its properties to the congregation of St. Peter's.

Erected in gratitude to God by the people of St. Peter's Lebanon Church of Shennington, Wisconsin for 100 years of ministry in the year of our Lord 1991.
The two churches are located on westbound Wisconsin Highway 21, west of its intersection with Dublin Road, at or near 33506 Wisconsin 21, Camp Douglas, Wisconsin 54618.

The two churches . . .

The marker is located in Camp Douglas, Wisconsin.

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