Stump Puller

© Photographed August 27, 2015
Sheboygan, Sheboygan County, Wisconsin

The stump puller resembles a giant tripod with beams 18 feet long. In the top center, where the beams connect, there is a collar into which a 12-foot screw is inserted. To pull a stump, an area under and around the stump was dug out with grub hoes and chains were wrapped and [sic] around the stump. Each end of the chain was attached to the screw. A horse was then harnessed to the piece of the puller that is currently chained down, but would normally be loose. The horse would then circle the tripod, twisting the screw upward and pulling the stump out of the ground. The wheels made it possible to move the puller from one stump to the next.

The puller was donated by the Millersville Recreation Club; it stood in their village park on County Trunk 11 and Highway 32.
The stump puller and marker are located at Taylor Park and is accessible from westbound Erie Avenue, at its intersection with Urban Rec Trail, at or near

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