Welcome to Whitewater's Indian Mounds Park

© Photographed July 19, 2015
Whitewater, Jefferson County, Wisconsin
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Welcome to Whitewater's
Indian Mounds Park
As you, the town people, please remember that this is a special place. A Sacred place. As sacred as any church or cemetery that you may have visited before. To the Native Americans, this can be their church and this is their cemetery. This is also their city hall, their school, and their archives or library. All of the activities we do in the places named above were done here. Children were told stories of the mound shapes and what the mound honored. The treaties that bound tribes together were formed and sealed here. Tribal ancestors were buried and honored here which links the present to the past in their oral traditions. Native Americans held ceremonies here, praying to the Great Spirit, honoring Him, and thanking Him for the gifts he gave them. Remember these things as you journey through the park: Please don't walk on the mounds. Use the designated trail system. Please respect the area by controlling pets and litter. Watch out for those that live here -- Not all move on two legs. The mounds are old and fragile--You would be too at almost 2000 years old.

These small maps can be found on each site and show you where you are in relationship to the rest of the group..

Be careful, Be respectful, Be peaceful and Enjoy!
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The marker is located at Whitewater Effigy Mounds Preserve, located on southbound South Indian Mound Parkway, south of its intersection with Old Highway 12 and at its T-intersection with Wildwood Road, at or near 288 South Indian Mound Parkway, Whitewater, Wisconsin 53190.

GazetteXtra (April 30, 2011): Whitewater hopes to restore historical effigy mounds

Whitewater Effigy Mounds Preserve Map (PDF)

The Whitewater Effigy Mounds Preserve is listed on the National Register of Historic Places: Wisconsin.

Click here for a list of all markers at this location. 

Follow this path to the effigy mounds and markers.

The entrance Whitewater Effigy Mounds Preserve.

The marker is located at the Whitewater Effigy Mounds Preserve.

The preserve is located inside the residential community
of Mound Park Acres in Whitewater, Wisconsin.

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